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Additional Chargeable Services

At Maxwell Bond, our commitment to maximising your potential extends beyond our standard Talent Partnership models. Recognising that every organisation is unique, we offer a range of additional chargeable services that can be seamlessly integrated into any of our talent partnership solutions. Tailored to meet your specific needs, these services amplify the impact of our partnership, ensuring a holistic and customised approach to talent acquisition and management. 

Explore the possibilities of these additional chargeable services and tailor your talent partnership with Maxwell Bond to meet the unique demands of your organisation. We are dedicated to providing the flexibility and expertise needed to drive your talent acquisition success. 

Why Partner with Maxwell Bond?

Interim/Temporary Talent Acquisition Specialist

When your organisation faces a surge in hiring demands or requires specialised expertise for a defined period, our Interim/Temporary Talent Acquisition Specialist steps in. This service ensures that you have access to seasoned professionals precisely when and where you need them, minimising disruptions and maintaining recruitment momentum. 

Talent Mapping and Competitor Analysis

Strategic talent acquisition begins with a deep understanding of the market landscape. Our Talent Mapping and Competitor Analysis service provides you with actionable insights into talent pools, competitor strategies, and market trends. This knowledge empowers your organisation to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the talent acquisition game. 

Recruitment Marketing Suite

Maximise your employer brand and engagement with our Recruitment Marketing Suite. Tailored to support your employer branding efforts, this suite includes Employer Branding Support, Social Media Support, and Advisory Services. Elevate your presence in the market, attract top talent, and cultivate a strong employer brand that resonates with your target audience. 

HR Consultancy

Our HR Consultancy services are designed to enhance various aspects of your talent strategy. From refining interviewing techniques and onboarding processes to aligning with organisational culture, EVP, and stakeholder expectations, our experts collaborate with you to optimise the human resources aspects of talent management. 

Fractional CTO Service

For organisations seeking strategic technology leadership without the commitment of a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO), our Fractional CTO Service offers a flexible and cost-effective solution. Gain access to experienced technology leaders who provide guidance, oversight, and innovation to drive your technology agenda. 

On-Demand RPO

Navigate short-term hiring peaks, manage hiring backlogs, fill niche roles, or address graduate volume hiring with our On-Demand RPO service. This scalable solution ensures that your recruitment efforts remain agile, responsive, and well-aligned with your organisational goals. 

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