Fail Fast, Learn Fast: Embracing Discovery and Chaos in Development

Fail Fast, Learn Fast: Embracing Discovery and Chaos in Development

A recent roundtable with four senior market leaders revealed challenges and questions around how to encourage developers to embrace discovery, how to close the gap between Architects and Developers, how best to monitor Cloud networks, and the importance and structure of Chaos Days. I have briefly summarised my key takeaways below, but you can request the full whitepaper and report for free, by dropping me a message or comment below!

My Key Takeaways

  1. Development teams should not be afraid to fail! They should be willing to fail fast and embrace the process of discovery. Aiming for perfection first time every time, causing unnecessary delays and missed learning opportunities. It's better to fail and learn fast so the team can continue to develop and release at a faster rate.
  2. Collaborating across departments is so important to keep business goals aligned and to make delivery as smooth and efficient as possible for all parties involved. This helps make sure that every release is relevant and aligned to the overal strategic goals of the business.
  3. Communication is paramount! Being able to talk and listen to other people, and clearly explain what you're working on and accept and action feedback is such a great skill to have. It really helps with stakeholder management too.
  4. Cloud Monitoring is key, but many businesses don’t know what tools are worth investing in and which ones aren’t. It varies depending on business requirements, size, and resources, and can be hard to pinpoint exactly what level of monitoring a business needs. It's important to take the time to research options and not rush a decision.
  5. Managed chaos can drive CI/CD and is important to test and improve processes and capabilities. Chaos days are a great way to challenge developers and identify key areas for improvement.
  6. FAIL FAST, LEARN FAST! Everything covered above boils down to the willingness to make mistakes and fail fast to learn and improve continuously. This means you can consistently deliver to the market faster than competitors, and also puts you in a better place to understand errors, risks, and problems, so that you can minimise error in the future. 

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There was so much more covered in the session, and our industry leaders found the roundtable really valuable. Maxwell Bond run frequent roundtables for tech and digital leaders across the UK and Germany, across all of our markets (software, cyber security, product management, cloud & DevOps, digital marketing, and UX). I run the Development Leaders North West Roundtable at lease once a month, so if you are interested in getting involved in the future, please drop me a direct message or an email at