How Recruiters Can Embody the Salesforce Ohana Culture

Recruitment consultants can be plagued with a bad reputation, usually tarnished with the same brush as a handful of poor consultancies. To step away from that narrative, it’s important to really step up and showcase my own values and USP’s and those of Maxwell Bond: People-first, specialist recruitment that drives tech and digital growth in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

As a Salesforce specialist, I wanted to know how I could personally really embody the Ohana culture associated with Salesforce in order to align and enhance my recruitment processes. After reading Emeric Gabor’s article on how candidates can build relationships with recruiters I thought it would be good to share my thoughts on how we, as recruiters, can contribute to the ecosystem, keeping our work and values aligned to Ohana.

After speaking to clients and candidates I have put together what I personally pledge as a Salesforce recruiter and how I implement these values into my working practices, as well as a few ways that we Salesforce recruiters can give back to the ecosystem and really embody Ohana.

Understanding Ohana

The Salesforce Ohana is a deep-seated support system, which extends beyond employees and out to the community, partners, clients, customers, stakeholders and so on. It is a culture that values collaboration, taking care of one another, having fun together, and working to leave the world a better place.

These are the foundations upon which the Ohana culture is built, and to truly embody this culture, I have refined my own recruitment processes and interactions to ensure my values align with those of my candidates and clients. Here’s the factors I thought where the most important.

Understand Salesforce as a Product

I have my own trailhead where I have a few badges and have worked through a few trails. Whenever there is a big change or a new product, I get myself back on trailhead and skilled up. Another great source of information is the candidates I speak to everyday hearing what they love about. Having this experience and industry knowledge allows me to truly guide and consult with clients and consultants and enables me to talk from a place of authority on the subject of Salesforce. You can’t recruit for something without that knowledge and passion for the craft. And to be able to truly assist candidates and clients, that knowledge of the product and the ecosystem is fundamental.

Consult, don’t Lecture

As a consultant, I always aim to put people first, and that means acting as a consultant, not a lecturer. Consultants should coach candidates and guide them along the job search process, they shouldn’t be pushing candidates into roles. Communication is vital to truly helping candidates find their ideal role. Moving jobs is a huge decision, and consultants should be there to offer advice and be a career guide as much as possible.

Ben McCarthy summarised this well; they (recruiters) should try and act more like career guidance coaches. Advising people on the types of roles they should go for, the pros and cons of one over another, and generally advising instead of trying to sell. This will build much greater trust with candidates, and people will see them as trusted advisors as opposed to someone trying to sell them a job.

Above and Beyond

Put the extra effort in for candidates and they won’t forget it. Always offer free advice on what employers look for, share any insights you have into the businesses they are speaking to, help tailor their CVs, provide interview advice and always share the clients feedback with them regardless of the outcome. Candidates will always value transparent feedback and advice that will enable them to improve their job prospects moving forwards. What takes you twenty minutes on the phone, might secure them their dream job for life. Leaving a lasting impression on candidates may open doors for future engagement with them as a candidate, or even a client, allowing you to continue to drive and grow the Salesforce ecosystem.

Add Value

Offer the businesses you work with simple value adds; availability of great candidates who would support a key project, salary benchmarking, providing a great candidate journey, represent their brand well in the market. Businesses trust me to deliver their message to market so it’s important I take time to make sure that the message is delivered in the right way. This stems from having frequent conversations about what is important to their brand, to make sure I am accurately selling their business, missions, values, and USP’s to the market. Adding value is also about being consultative in my approach, and not just saying yes. If I notice something isn’t quite right in a job spec, for example, an under market average salary, I will point this out, and utilise my statistical research and talent insights to showcase what talent the business should expect in that salary band. This way I can manage their expectations or help them make amendments to ensure they get the talent they want and need.

Trusted Tech Talks: Salesforce Events

As someone who is very passionate about the Salesforce ecosystem, I also run events through Trusted Tech Talks to share knowledge and enable networking within the growing Salesforce ecosystem. Our next event is going to be focussed on the Spring Release. These events provide an opportunity for Trailblazers to network and support each other, which is the real embodiment of Ohana.

Driving Growth and Community in the Salesforce Community with Maxwell Bond

Maxwell Bond is the talent partner of choice across the UK, Europe, and the US, with the main aim of driving technological change and growth globally, whilst connecting tech professionals around the world. As a passionate Salesforce specialist, I am keen to extend my network and connect with businesses who would benefit from support with their recruitment. Or if you’re on the market for a new role and would like to connect with market-leading businesses across the UK, please get in touch.