Maxwell Bond Recognised as Recruitment Elite

CV Magazine have recently announced that we made their 2018 Recruitment Elite shortlist. The annual directory listing was created to highlight some of the most significant recruitment agencies working across the globe.

Here, we break down the 2018 Recruitment Elite criteria, and how we at Maxwell Bond always work hard to provide a stellar service.

What makes an elite recruiter?

To make the Recruitment Elite, an organisation must go above and beyond to support clients in their hiring policies. They need to show dedication to the development of themselves, as well as their clients. In addition, they need to have demonstrated complete understanding of a specialist area that’s relevant to the audience of CV Magazine – technology and business intelligence, for example.

This niche knowledge allows the recruiter to deliver a personal approach to their services. They get under the skin of their clients and find out what makes candidates tick, discovering career goals and objectives so their team can be confident in every placement they make. An elite recruiter should ensure that the changing needs of each party are continuously met, applying their knowledge of the industry to recommend matches that a candidate will love and that will grow the client’s business.

How Maxwell Bond was recognised

Following the success of CV Magazine’s Recruitment Top 50 programme, their Recruitment Elite directory was designed to compare agencies, consultancies and labour providers, and identify who truly represented excellence across the industry. According to the magazine, Maxwell Bond emerged as “a clear choice for inclusion”.

As we were founded relatively recently, our growth is what explicitly awarded us the attention from CV Magazine. There are approximately 500 other dev recruitment agencies in Manchester currently, yet we have built strong relationships with large firms and FTSE 100 companies despite our young age. CV Magazine also commended the number of outstanding reviews and testimonials we have, and our dedicated commitment to development and expansion as an organisation.

Our commitment to best practice

We put people at the forefront of our business. That’s why our mantra is ‘Where People Matter’. Our aim is to ensure that everyone we engage and interact with recognises our supportive nature and community values. Whether that’s a candidate, client or our employees, we want all stakeholders to develop and progress. Our business places education and training above all else, and this focus on personal achievement resonates with the principles of CV Magazine.

Even in instances where clients don’t ultimately end up choosing our services, we see repeat business. Our belief is that we achieve client and prospect retention through sheer honesty and understanding. We only make placements when we are confident that they’ll be beneficial to you in terms of your aims and objectives. A candidate who fails to support your needs is just as much a loss for us as it is for you.

We’re thrilled to be featured in CV Magazine’s Recruitment Elite. Our team have worked hard to demonstrate that there are companies within the industry that aren’t a CV-sending service, but instead a genuine route to business growth. If you want to see first-hand what makes us Recruitment Elite, get in touch today!