3 Challenges Employers Must Overcome In 2019

The digital and technology markets have flourished in the North of England. Property investment is increasing dramatically, which is helping to accommodate migrating workers and demand for tech roles in cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

That said, there is always value in preparing for any threat that your business could come up against in 2019 – so we’ve highlighted three of the most pressing challenges employers are facing this year.

1. Brexit implications

It’s exhausting isn’t it? The topic that won’t go away and continues to dominate news, business strategy and arguments over Sunday dinner. Regardless of your stance on Brexit, the uncertainty is likely to affect your processes either directly or indirectly. Businesses that rely on a European market may find themselves unable to make sufficient plans, and companies operating solely within the UK may suffer the knock-on effect of this.

We recommend avoiding hasty decisions ahead of the outcome. Don’t drastically reduce your output or make large numbers of redundancies out of fear. Equally, don’t begin to hire aggressively if you don’t perceive any threat to your organisation. Scale your business realistically through organic means, and don’t give in to influence that isn’t backed by facts relevant to your sector. At Maxwell Bond, we offer guidance and staffing solutions to businesses in order to support their growth plans in any current climate.

2. The growing threat to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has a growing role in the marketplace. After recent scandals, businesses are seeing the value of digital protection. It may be no surprise to learn that its victims are less likely to request help out of embarrassment or are simply unaware of the damage done. However, it was reported in December 2018 that the police were unable to cope with the rising threat of cybercrime. Forces in Nottinghamshire and West Midlands have even seen incidents increase by up to 20%.

Despite the threat, there’s currently not enough students going to university to study computer science degrees to fill the increasing number of cybersecurity job roles. While Maxwell Bond can’t solve the root issue, we can put you in touch with those who have the relevant experience and skills. Our advice is to confront the situation realistically, identify the staff you need, adapt for Gen Z, and budget appropriately to bring them on board.

3. Widening of the digital skills gap

The dearth of digital skills extends to the sector as a whole, which was estimated last year as a £141 billion cost to the UK economy in GDP growth. This presents a problem for business owners who were hoping to grow rapidly or take on developer projects. In the case of cybersecurity, the cause is very much the lack of interest at university level. However, this isn’t true for the industry as a whole.

In digital, some employers aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the roles they offer. There are also candidates applying for positions they are unequipped for, damaging the employer’s faith in the industry and discouraging them from investing in young talent looking to grow their abilities. This again contributes to the widening skills gap. At Maxwell Bond, we protect business growth by ensuring those you hire are appropriately qualified and want to advance your goals as much as their own

Eager to see how Maxwell Bond can help you tackle these challenges head-on? Give our team a call. We intend on making 2019 a breakthrough year for all our clients, so let us guide you through anything this next 12 months throws at you.