Anthony Karapetrides on Fullstack Development: What is Fullstack Development and What are the Benefits?

Anthony Karapetrides on Fullstack Development: What is Fullstack Development and What are the Benefits of Fullstack?


Are you looking to hire a Fullstack Developer? Or do you prefer to recruit frontend or backend specialists? Find out what Anthony Karapretrides thinks about the future of fullstack development in the most recent podcast.



Recently, Anthony Karapetrides joined our Frontend Recruitment Consultant, Jordan Matthews, as part of our recent podcast mini-series on “Do Fullstack Developers Really Exist?”.

Anthony is a Software Engineering Manager based in Manchester, UK, who is well-versed in several languages and frameworks, and often mixes his technical expertise with leadership skills to engage in meaningful workplace relationships and to promote team productivity. Anthony considers himself to be a determined, open-minded and collaborative multicultural professional who combines technical skills with commercial acumen to have a solution-based approach to software development. He joined us to utilise his knowledge and expertise to inform his views and beliefs around Fullstack Development.

You can catch the full podcast episode on a variety of podcasting platforms including Spotify, as well as on our YouTube channel. 


Do Fullstack Developers Exist?

Anthony believes that Fullstack Developers do exist and defines himself as a Fullstack Developer. He explains that whilst you can work on projects that are solely Frontend or solely Backend focussed, being a Fullstack Developer means that you can work across multiple projects and technologies as you have knowledge and awareness of both.

What are the benefits of being a Fullstack Developer?

Having knowledge across Frontend Development and Backend Development can make you a better Developer, Anthony believes. This is because you have visibility over all operating systems, and therefore your knowledge of the Backend development can influence Frontend decisions, and your knowledge of Frontend Development can influence your Backend decisions. Essentially it provides better communication between the Frontend and Backend.

The Future of Software Development

Light-heartedly pushing the idea of robot developers to the side, Anthony believes that the lines between Frontend development and Backend Development will start to blur. There won’t be as much of a distinction between the two, and more developers will work across multiple disciplines.

Soft Skills for Software Development

The top skills Software Developers need, regardless of whether they are Frontend, Backend, or Fullstack are: natural curiosity, great communication, and approachability.

Advice for Developers just Starting in Software Development

Don’t be scared of the discovery process and don’t be afraid to learn more about things you don’t yet know. Technology moves so fast, that working in tech and IT is a continuous learning journey. Without that learning aspect, you will get left behind. 

Fullstack Development

Do you think Fullstack Developers exists?

Learn more about Fullstack Development, Anthony’s software journey, and people’s perception of what it really means to be a Fullstack Developer by listening in to our Trusted Tech Talks podcast, available now on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major podcast platforms.

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