Benefits of Working with a Specialist Recruiter - Candidates

The Benefits of Working with Maxwell Bond for Tech and Digital Recruitment, Manchester & Berlin

Recruitment agencies have generally been tarnished with the same brush and have been stained with a bad reputation based on a handful of bad recruitment consultants and candidate experiences. Based on this, I wanted to highlight how working with a great recruiter can really benefit candidates who are on the market for a new role. 

Searching for a new role is one of the most stressful activities in adult life. It can be time consuming, mentally draining, and quite frankly, exhausting. Whatever your reason for looking for a new role, whether it’s a strategic career move, because you are unhappy in your current role, or simply because you’re looking for a new role, recruiters can help make the process as stress free as possible. 

Maxwell Bond are Tech Specialists: Better Connections and Market Insights 

Great recruitment consultants are specialists within their discipline and will therefore have great connections and relationships with key hiring managers and decision makers across the space. They will have key industry stats and market intelligence which will help them identify opportunities, benchmark your salary accurately, and fully prepare you for interviews.

Maxwell Bond have Niche Access to Unadvertised Roles

Recruitment consultants who work exclusively with organisations often work on unpublished roles that you won’t be able to find yourself. Working with these recruiters will give you exclusive access to great roles that most other candidates will never be able to apply to. 

Maxwell Bond Has Influence & Relationships with Great Businesses

Great recruiters know their clients inside and out, and have built up robust relationships with hiring managers, often over long periods of time. Therefore, they are in a great position to influence hiring decisions and use their expertise to guide a decision in your favour. For example, if you are unhappy with your interview performance, the recruitment consultant may be able to use their knowledge of you, the role, and the company, to sway the decision of the hiring manager, despite the interview not going as well as you wanted. 

Maxwell Bond Always Provides Feedback throughout the Recruitment Process

Regardless of the outcome of your application, a good recruiter will always give you feedback whether it’s positive or negative. This will help you understand your performance and equip you with the knowledge to improve for your next interview or application. 

Maxwell Bond Offer Specific Advice Throughout the Interview Process

Recruiters can provide you with general advice on how to be successful during the recruitment process but can also give you insights into specific aspects of the recruitment process. This can include specific interview questions and formats, what the hiring manager is really looking for in their candidates, and what any tech tests or presentations will include. This means you can thoroughly prepare for every situation you will find yourself in, increasing your chances of really impressing the hiring manager. Advice on your CV and general online profiles can also help you position yourself really well in the market which will attract more relevant opportunities in the future.

Maxwell Bond will Negotiate on Your Behalf

Most people hate negotiation, but when it comes to salary, it’s important you get what you want and deserve. The good news is that your recruiter will negotiate your salary and benefits package for you, and when you tie this in with the influence they have over the decision making process already, you can be sure they can and will negotiate the best possible deal for you. 

Confidentiality is a Priority for Maxwell Bond

If you’re looking for a new role whilst you’re in another role, confidentiality is key. You don’t want your boss or manager knowing that you are on the market before you have a new role lined up and are ready to hand in your notice. Recruiters always have your confidentiality at the forefront of their minds and follow robust and strict processes that keeps your data and information safe. 

Maxwell Bond Recruiters Won’t Waste your Time

Recruiters will only ever put you forward for roles that are right and relevant for you. They will never submit your CV to just any role. At the end of the day, they don’t want to waste your time (or theirs) and they will only ever put in you process for roles that are suitable.

Find your Next Dream Role with Maxwell Bond - Award Winning Tech and Digital Recruitment Agency, Manchester & Berlin

Working with great recruiters can really help drive a successful and efficient job search, making that step into your dream role as stress-free as possible. 

Maxwell Bond is an award-winning tech and digital recruitment consultancy who pride themselves on being a recruitment agency where people matter and where our candidates come first. Our team of specialists will position and elevate you within the market to put you in front of the right opportunities, and will support your application from start to finish, no matter what the outcome. 

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