Best Practices for Cloud Migration: Migrating to Azure Cloud with Lawrence Lilley

Step-by-Step Cloud Migration with Lawrence Lilley


Migrating to Azure Cloud: Best Practices, Challenges and Solutions


As part of our partnership with Trusted Tech Talks, our Director of tech and digital, Manny, recently hosted an online webinar with Lawrence Lilley and Richard Stockley to explore best practices, challenges, and solutions for Migrating to Azure Cloud. 

Lawrence covered key topics including: 

  • Key considerations for cloud migration to Azure
  • Where to start with cloud migration to Azure
  • End-to-end process for cloud migration to Azure
  • Biggest challenges when migrating to Azure Cloud

Lawrence uses his experience at Mutual Vision to inform his presentation. Mutual Vision’s infrastructure was relatively legacy. Given the environment and customer need, they needed to create a SaaS based system sitting in the cloud. As a business they are not regulated but all of their customers are and therefore they are too. They wanted to be in the cloud but needed it to be controlled. Didn’t want to just pick it up and move it across because it bypasses lots of the technological aspects that makes the cloud more efficient. Now, the expectations of customers have changed, and businesses need to fulfil this through a carefully planned and organised cloud migration.

He suggests that from a technological perspective all businesses must: 

  1. Manage their general approach to cloud migration
  2. Think about the outside of their infrastructure first (security and tenancies) and then build the inside
  3. Get your security right at the start of your cloud migration to protect your data integrity
  4. Cost modelling is imperative to avoid unexpected financial fluctuations during cloud migration
  5. Manage your tech diversity, you don't need 100 different applications to manage your cloud migration.

From an operational point of view all businesses must: 

  • Prioritise configuration management
  • Refine the release sign off process
  • Refine the segregation of duties

Financially, changing from CAPEX to OPEX is challenging and must be managed and reported upon frequently. And it's also important to communicate the implication of the cloud to all departments including finance.

Watch Lawrence's full 20 minute talk below, which covers all this and more in detail, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our Trusted Tech Talks series.


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