Building and Maturing Greenfield Cyber Functions

Building and Maturing Greenfield Cyber Functions

Heading into a new role can be challenging, especially in cyber security where budgets are normally tight, resources are limited, and the risk often very high. Recently, it has been reported that around 37% of UK firms have reduced their cyber security budget (Think Digital Partners, 2020). It can be difficult to evaluate what you need to do first when you first start in a new business.  

I recently hosted a small roundtable with a number of leading cyber security professionals from around the UK to discuss what the priorities should be for professionals entering a new role or entering a greenfield cyber function.

You can now request the full whitepaper, which recaps some of the key discussion points and pieces of advice for cyber leaders entering a new cyber team or business. Drop me a message for your copy.

Some key takeaways: 

  • Build Relationships with stakeholders in the business. Enable them to understand the importance of your role and of you as a person. It makes pitching for budgets and tools much smoother
  • Assess your risk status when you join the business. It’s so important to get really great visibility over your business estate and to identify where vulnerabilities are. This helps prioritise your workload
  • Find a good mentor or speak to your predecessor. No matter how much experience you have, you’re never above asking for help or getting a second opinion. You never know who might provide the easiest and most effective solution for you
  • NIST Framework can be useful when starting out by highlighting the five core elements of security Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover
  • Get the right tools for your team. You can have the flashiest, most extensive cyber tool but that’s pointless unless you have the time, training, team size, and resources to optimise it’s use. You need to find tools that fit your needs and requirements, but also your limitations.

There were some really good key insights into tools, priorities and the DevSecOps Framework and its validity also discussed in the session. You can get all of this and more in the full PDF version of the whitepaper which is now available.

Reach out if you would like the full whitepaper or for support building your own cyber security teams.

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