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Following malicious cyber-attacks on the Labour Party, and most recently Travelex, Maxwell Bond has invited NCC’s Technical Director and Senior Advisor, Paul Vlissidis (also known as the ethical hacker on Channel 4’s Hunted), and N Brown’s Security Advisor Mike Koss to co-host an event Cyber Security in 2020. The event will explore the current and future tech and cyber landscape to raise awareness about exactly what businesses should know about and how they can protect themselves by constructing robust protocols, strategies, and cyber divisions within their own businesses. Register today to stay ahead of cyber-crime.

Gov.UK suggests that 32% of businesses and 22% of charities have experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the past twelve months. These cyber-attacks are rapidly evolving and becoming more undetectable and complex, growing in their ability to wreak havoc on businesses, both on a financial and reputational level. Businesses that are not prepared for cyber-attacks, and have not implemented effective cyber-security solutions, are at the highest risk.

So why do businesses leave themselves vulnerable?

Cyber-security should be a proactive, continuous activity which requires a thorough understanding of cyber threats and coherent planning. Its complexity requires a holistic strategy which involves a careful amalgamation of people, processes, and technologies that combines to ensure strong security across all aspects of the business. Solutions include hiring cyber security experts who can implement practical and efficient defence systems, but it can be hard to know where to start and where to find the right talent for your business.

Therefore, cyber-security is often disregarded as a labour intensive, financial burden, rather than the protective, futureproofing solution that it really is. Decision makers are often demotivated in the first instance at the complexity and longevity of the task and fail to see how prioritising cyber-security can help elevate competitive advantage. Cost is also a main contributing factor as to why companies approach cyber-security so reluctantly. However, this up-front expense can save a lot of time, money and resources further down the line, and not only in the sense of the immediate, direct financial impact of cyber theft.

Important to business functionality, cyber-security solutions fundamentally protect, not only financial data, but also productivity. Companies with effective cyber security solutions mitigate the risk of attacks, which means that employees can use any company technology without the enduring risk of a potential threat by denying any spyware. Without preventative solutions, there is a constant risk of cyber virus’ and infections, which can slow down computers, resulting in wasted time and reduced operational efficiency and productivity.

Further to this, websites can crash, resulting in failed and lost sales, which not only reduces profits and causes financial strain, but also provokes a loss in customer retention, customer trust, and brand reputation. Clients will not trust a company with their details if they are shown to be so vulnerable to cyber-attacks, thus losing customer loyalty long-term as well as short-term sales. Implementing effective cyber-security will demonstrate your commitment and ability to protect both personal information and data. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities, and therefore cyber criminals often look to take contact details and financial data to sell on, or to steal money. By preventing this, you are protecting both your company employees, your clients, and your brand reputation.

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom states, “cyber-criminals operate in the shadows, with the severity, scale and complexity of breaches constantly evolving. It’s critical that we are ahead of the game and developing new technologies and methods to confront future threats, supporting our businesses and giving them peace of mind to deliver their products and services safely.” Effective cyber security solutions will help support your IT experts stay that one step ahead of those threats, by providing layered support that tackles a range of potential attacks.

Still, many businesses counterproductively see cyber security implementation as a financial and labour-heavy burden. This is perhaps due to a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge surrounding cyber security or where to find the right experts. Many do not have the answers to questions surrounding the current talent landscape, skill shortages, budgets, and addressing reluctant executive boards. To counteract this, Maxwell Bond are hosting their Cyber Security in 2020 event on January 15th, 2020 to answer all your questions.

Maxwell Bond, alongside cyber experts Paul Vlissidis (NCC Group), and Mike Koss (N Brown) will be on hand with specialist guidance and advice, so you can protect your business from current and future threats. The event will explore the changing tech and cyber landscape, how to build effective cyber security divisions in your business, and cyber specialist recruitment challenges and solutions. Register for the event today or contact for more information.

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