Fullstack Development: Sabira Gulami Damji on the Benefits of Being a Fullstack Developer

Sabira Gulami Damji on Fullstack Development: Benefits of Being a Fullstack Developer

Recently Sabira Gulami Damji from AND Digital, joined our Frontend Recruitment Consultant, Jordan Matthews, as part of our recent podcast mini-series on “Do Fullstack Developers Really Exist?”. You can catch the full podcast episode on a variety of podcasting platforms including Spotify, as well as on our YouTube channel.

Do Fullstack Developers Really Exist?

Sabira believes that you can be a Fullstack Developer, but that realistically a Fullstack Developer is most likely to be a T-shaped Developer or a Comb shaped Developer. Both of these are similar in that a Developer will have a broad, general knowledge across the full stack, but will specialise in one or a small number of specific areas.

What are the Benefits of Being a Fullstack Developer?

You become a more rounded developer because you understand other systems and operations, which means you can contribute to discussions and problem solving. You can also pick things up as needed on the team and in some instances remove blockers caused by staff absences and such.

What Does a Future Developer Look Like?

Even as automation grows, you will always need a human developer to manage and monitor systems and code. It will become more important to have a great attitude to learning, work in cross-functional teams, and gain new skills. The industry is constantly evolving, and it will continue to be important to keep up with those changes in tools, skills, and technologies.

Soft Skills for Software Development

The key soft skills are all linked to attitude to learning – don’t shy away from problems. Try and learn new things and share knowledge, whilst working with other team members and focus on great communication and collaboration.

Fullstack Development

Do you think Fullstack Developers exists?

Learn more about the benefits of Fullstack Development and the future of software development by listening in to our Trusted Tech Talks podcast, available now on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major podcast platforms.

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