Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable!

Our Founder & Tech Manchester Mentor, Steven Jagger, shares his thoughts on what works & what doesn't, as he nears the 2 year mark with Maxwell Bond.

Coming up to the scary 2-year mark of setting up Maxwell Bond, I’ve had some time to reflect recently of what’s worked and what’s not; to help plan to double our growth again in 2019 and take us to new international offices by 2020.

A few people asked me to share & put something down as they’re interested in what’s worked for us. I always find it difficult because I genuinely haven’t done this by myself and I’m nowhere near where I want to be.

That being said, I believe it comes down to 5 core foundations. With one of the key foundations being managing your state of mind; “getting comfortable, feeling uncomfortable”.

Through the years I have always talked to my teams about getting out of your comfort zone, into a learning zone, to help you grow. This article (link below) sums it up nicely and why we have started off so well. I also love this quote;

"being quick with a helping hand and nice to people, hard work, people skills and a willingness to learn new things can take a person far in work — and in life"

On reflection, I believe these 5 foundations helped;

• Work ethic and working smart
• Establishing a solid peer group to challenge and push you
• Consistently learning either through your network, reading, pod casts, events, courses
• Helping people and keeping your integrity, “trust is an expensive gift”
• Managing your state of mind
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we have lost a client or argument by the other party having under hand tactics or lying, although frustrating, it just happens, that's life. What I’ve found over time, they usually burn that relationship by going outside the lines and usually, the person’s network too!

Instead of playing short term, keep to your values, build a strong peer group and play for the long term. I love the phrase; play chess while others are playing checkers.

By using the above 5 foundations; I've had client, staff and technology referrals from my competitors who I’ve helped along the way. That wouldn't happen if I burnt bridge and didn’t help them first.

I've had ex employees come back to me to say thank you, I learnt a lot with you and still use what you taught me but never got chance to say thanks, I recommended x to get in touch and work with you. Solely by pushing people to learn, develop and helping them grow.

I’ve had past relationships, get back in touch to help me win a new client because I helped them when there was nothing in it for me and I’d completely forgot about the small gesture.

These 3 examples have helped Maxwell Bond build so many great clients, relationships and keep us at the forefront of our market and its because we followed the above 5 principles/foundations!

Here's to another 2 years, let’s see where we are by the end of 2020! International offices? Maybe