How do I Build High Performing Business Analysis Teams?

How do I build a high performing BA team?

With the Business Analysis (BA) market booming, businesses are really eager to maintain their competitive advantage by employing high performing BA teams to help drive internal processes and overall product delivery. Every business wants a high performing team, but many are unsure as to how to build these exceptional teams of BAs. 

To help get some answers from the expert, I sat down with Justin Kingston, Director at Cube Thinking, to talk about these key topics, which are being released as a weekly podcast and video series. On this session, we talked about how businesses can build high performing teams and why they are so important. We also looked at the repercussions of hiring the wrong BAs. Below are some key points from the podcast, but you can listen in to the full episode here or watch the video series on YouTube.

Why are high performing BA teams important?

High performing BA teams are “the gift that keeps on giving”. They are self sufficient and have the ability to motivate and drive themselves. High performing teams are like sponges and are able to learn fast. A great BA team has an infectious curiosity and are constantly looking for ways to improve, learn and develop. They are always looking for problems so that they can solve it. This can only mean great things for the business. 

How do you recruit the right BAs for your business?

You need to really assess your company culture and your company needs and ensure you fully reflect these aspects in the job adverts. Being transparent about the company journey and goals is also important. You don’t want to hire someone who is looking for a role where they can take a business from 1 to 100 if that business is only planning on moving from 1 – 20. If you end up attracting and hiring BAs that are brilliant, but not a good fit for the business requirements or culture, that BA will quickly become dissatisfied within the business. 

Transparency is key. Understanding your business is key. And hiring people who fit business requirements is key.

What are the key characteristics of a great BA?

In addition to hiring someone who is strongly data driven, a great communicator, and naturally curious, it’s important to hire team members who are highly self-aware and know how to interact with other people, including non-verbal communication cues. BAs should also be comfortable asking lots of questions.

What are the repercussions of a bad BA hire?

A bad hire not only has a financial and productivity impact on a business, but also a reputational one. A BA who is not a good for the business culture or goals, can quickly become a square peg in a round hole, leaving them unwell and uncomfortable. This will affect their ability to do their role but may also impact their mental health. It’s extremely important to hire the right BAs for the business, every time.   

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Listen in to the full podcast episode now on Spotify or watch the video series on YouTube to get a deeper dive into the questions above and more with Jason Kingston. If you have any additional questions around high performing BA teams, please get in touch with me directly at 

Additionally, you can reach out to me directly for information on our latest BA roles or browse our current vacancies here.

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