How to Migrate to Azure Cloud: Processes, Best Practices and Solutions with Richard Stockley

Cloud Migration to Azure Cloud: Best Practices and Solutions

How do I migrate to Azue Cloud with minimal business disruption?

As part of our partnership with Trusted Tech Talks, our Director of tech and digital, Manny, recently hosted an online webinar with Lawrence Lilley and Richard Stockley to explore best practices, challenges, and solutions for Migrating to Azure Cloud. 

Richard Stockley, a Contract Pirincipal Engineer of over 22 years, used his experience with various business to discuss key topics including: 

  • Key considerations for cloud migration to Azure
  • Where to start with cloud migration to Azure
  • End-to-end process for cloud migration to Azure
  • Biggest challenges when migrating to Azure Cloud
  • Communicating migration to Support and Architecture teams

He suggests that you need to approach Cloud Adoption and Cloud Migration by first creating your Cloud Operating Model. This will help businesses determine how to successfully lead a Cloud Migration. This means looking at migration from three perspetives: the logical perspective, the physical perspective, and the operational view. 

Logically businesses need to consider naming conventions, security, access, and governance. Physcially, businesses need to look at what kind of resources they need for cloud migration, and how and where they will deploy things. And operationally they need to monitor all of the information and get all departments and teams on board and informed about the cloud migration. Businesses who follow these guidelines set themselves up for success.

Watch Richard's full 20 minute talk below to hear more about creating a Cloud Operating Model that sets businesses up for successful Cloud Migrations, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our Trusted Tech Talks series.

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