John Cross on What is a Fullstack Developer and Do they Really Exist?

John Cross on Fullstack Development: Do Fullstack Developers Truly Exist?



Recently, John Cross from IRIS Software joined our Director of Tech and Digital, Manny, as part of our recent podcast mini-series on “Do Fullstack Developers Really Exist?”. You can catch the full 20-minute episode on a variety of podcasting platforms including Spotify, as well as on our YouTube channel. 


Do Fullstack Developers Exist?

John suggests that yes, Fullstack Developers do exist, but they exist in different forms and the requirements of a Fullstack Developer will vary depending on the business. It’s impossible for any one person to be truly fluent with every single piece of technology on the market, so the real question really is: what is a Fullstack Developer? 

What is a Fullstack Developer?

One business’s idea of what a Fullstack Developer is will vary from another business’s idea of what a Fullstack Developer is, because it will depend on the full tech stack of that business. If a candidate is suitably literate in all the technology used at Business A, then to Business A, they are a Fullstack Developer, because they are fluent in their full tech stack. However, just because the candidate can use all the technology at Business A, doesn’t mean that that candidate is fully literate at all the technology at Business B. So, to Business B, that person is not a Fullstack Developer. 

Hiring Fullstack Developers: Top Tips for Hiring Great Fullstack Developers

Due to the arbitrariness of Fullstack Developers, John suggests it is often beneficial to hire people who have a Fullstack Developer ‘mindset’, in that they are open to learning multiple technologies across front and back end and are curious and passionate about learning new things. It’s important not to always just look for someone who is already the complete package, as this is time-consuming and the chance of finding a perfect candidate is very slim. 

Fullstack Development

Do you think Fullstack Developers exists?

Learn more about Fullstack Development, John’s top tips for Developers, and people’s perception of what it really means to be a Fullstack Developer by listening in to our Trusted Tech Talks podcast, available now on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major podcast platforms.
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