Maxwell Bond Expands to Boston: Meeting the High-Tech Talent Demand in Beantown

In a city where tech innovation knows no bounds, Maxwell Bond are set to make its mark on Boston's burgeoning tech scene. With the local tech industry seeing explosive growth and salaries soaring higher than ever, Maxwell Bond's expansion into Boston couldn't come at a better time.


The Boston Tech Boom

In recent years, Boston has emerged as a tech epicentre, with employment in high-tech industries experiencing a remarkable 19% surge between 2015 and 2020. This substantial growth far outpaces the national average of 8.9%, thanks in large part to the scientific research and development services industry. What's more, this upward trajectory has had a direct and positive impact on salaries in the region.

Currently, the average annual salary in the Boston metro area is approximately twice as high as that of other professions in the same region. This is excellent news for tech companies searching for top-tier talent, as a higher base salary is a key consideration for professionals, particularly those contemplating relocation.


A Thriving Talent Pool

One of Boston's strengths lies in its skilled and dynamic workforce, perpetually hungry for new opportunities. The city boasts a steady stream of emerging talent from its renowned engineering schools and prestigious graduate and undergraduate computer science programs.

Furthermore, Boston stands tall as one of the most prominent tech hubs in the United States, offering positions with salaries to match. Statistics from Glassdoor indicate that the average annual salary for a Software Engineer in Boston in stands at a substantial $139,149. In fact, certain employers have been known to offer as much as $173,302 per annum, as noted by Interview Kickstart.


Coveted Employers and In-Demand Roles

Boston is home to a formidable roster of tech giants, including NVIDIA, Salesforce, Adobe, Dell Technologies, AMD, and Red Hat. Additionally, a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups is emerging as the industry continues to thrive. This diversity of employment opportunities makes Boston an unequivocal favourite for technology professionals.

Among the most sought-after positions in Boston's tech landscape are:

  1. Cloud Managers, Cloud Architects, and Cloud Engineers
  2. DevOps Managers, DevOps Architects, and Site Reliability Engineers
  3. Software, Full Stack, Front End, Back End Managers, Architects, and Engineers
  4. Systems, Network, Infrastructure Managers, Architects, and Engineers
  5. Data Managers and Data Architects

The range of tech roles available enables professionals to select from a variety of leading tech companies and work arrangements, whether that's on-site, remote, or hybrid.


An Opportunity for Tech Professionals

With the escalating demand for tech talent in Boston, this technology hub is experiencing a clear need for skilled professionals. There has never been a more opportune moment for mid-to-senior and director-level candidates to explore the wealth of career opportunities awaiting them in Boston's thriving tech ecosystem.

As Maxwell Bond extends to Boston, we are poised to connect top-tier talent with the city's rapidly expanding tech companies, further solidifying Boston's reputation as a global tech powerhouse. In the heart of this innovative landscape, the future looks promising for both tech professionals and the companies eager to harness their expertise.


Take your Career in Tech to the Next Level

Relocating to Boston or working remotely for a tech company based in Boston can offer an exceptional number of opportunities to skilled tech professionals. Get in touch with Maxwell Bond for the latest roles, or for help in taking your next career step in Boston.


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