Maxwell Bond Launches Sustainability Division

Maxwell Bond is proud to announce the launch of its Sustainability division, led by Head of Practice, Sham Chohan. This strategic move underscores Maxwell Bond's commitment to supporting sustainability initiatives within the tech sector.

The Sustainability division is already actively working on a number of roles in the sustainability field, offering tailored recruitment solutions to companies dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Under Sham Chohan's leadership, the division aims to build a vibrant community of professionals passionate about driving sustainable change.

One notable initiative from the Sustainability division is our latest Whatsapp Business group which offers a platform for candidates in the Wind Energy sector. The group in its early stages has been highly successful in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals in the sustainability sector. This innovative approach reflects Maxwell Bond's dedication to leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful connections and drive positive change.

"We're excited to launch our Sustainability division and to have Sham Chohan leading the way," said Steven Jagger, Founder & CEO at Maxwell Bond. "With the growing focus on sustainability in the tech industry, we're well-positioned to support companies in finding top talent and driving impactful initiatives."

For more information about Maxwell Bond's Sustainability division and its initiatives, reach out to Sham Chohan: