Maxwell Bond - Where People Matter

‘Where People Matter’ is central to everything we do here at Maxwell Bond. We’ve wielded these words since our inception and we always start with our people first. We believe that if we enable people to operate in a healthy, progressive, collaborative environment and we then help train, develop and focus them, they will make a huge difference to other people’s lives.

A company ‘Where People Matter’ meets clearly defined criteria: staff are developing, they speak confidently about the product or service of the business, and they are being pushed to fulfil their potential daily. By putting this mantra first, we regularly receive recommendations and positive reviews from the candidates and clients we work with, who are all too familiar with our commitment to a people-focused approach.

In this article, we discuss the importance of ‘Where People Matter’ and how we’ve built this focus into the core of our business.

The key to building relationships

We believe recruitment is all about people and processes. Quick fixes in this sector are like a plaster on a cut, they cover the issue but rarely stick. Recruiters in Maxwell Bond believe it’s our responsibility to uncover and recognise what makes a good fit for both businesses and candidates and ensure we deliver this with speed, quality and precision.

Don’t believe us about this? As people who’ve been on the journey with us, our clients are best placed to speak. Jonny Buckley, Head of Data and Systems at CVS, summarises: “[Maxwell Bond] cares about getting it right from everyone's perspective as this is a long-term transaction – the success of or otherwise of this will probably have a lasting impact on all parties, so [they] dedicate time accordingly”.

We believe, a recruiter who understands ‘Where People Matter’ should operate like a matchmaker, not a shoehorn. They identify both parties’ values, so candidates are perfectly placed into careers they want, where they can flourish and add huge value to the businesses we work with.

How we make people matter

At Maxwell Bond, we use a combination of training and progression opportunities in order to practice what we preach about nurturing people. We equip our team with the tools to develop, so they in turn can help other businesses find the best candidates.

First and foremost, we find out what our people want to accomplish. We set goals designed to push the individual and help them achieve more than they could ever imagine. Usually, people come to Maxwell Bond with a limited belief as to what’s possible. We regularly coach, train and remove these restricting ways of thinking – so much so, in fact, that we can confidently say everyone who’s ever worked for us has genuinely improved their life and grown their career.

We do this through our five-tiered training plan, which uses a combination of experiential learning and traditional methods to cater for every kind of learner. It is our belief that the best train every day, with methods that include:

• P2P learning – Creating the opportunity for workers to develop skills through communication with like-minded colleagues.
• On-the-desk training – Guiding new members of staff who are beginning their working careers by giving coaching while they work.
• External learning – Presenting staff with the chance to get some experience in the field outside of desk working from the UK’s, best in class trainers.
• Formal documentation – Teaching policies and procedures through the traditional method in a class room environment.
• Pitch practicing – Shaping, honing and improving our consultants skills through roleplays with real life examples and providing advice from experienced consultants.

Our tried-and-tested approach gives staff confidence in their abilities and identifies opportunities to advance well before their first interaction with clients and prospects. They understand how they matter to the business while developing as an individual.

Future-proofing your workforce

We genuinely care about our people and their futures. We believe, once a member of staff has proven themselves to be a credit to your team, they should be rewarded properly. That doesn’t necessarily mean financially; people don’t always just want money as a reward.

It’s the easy fix and in some cases can demonstrate a lack of thought. We’ve seen it have a detrimental effect, with people that have added huge value to a business wanting to leave their roles after receiving “just” a bonus for the completion of a huge programme.

People want to fulfil their intrinsic ambitions, and employers should help them succeed with these goals too. This could be in the form of recognition, responsibility, significance, flexibility, holidays, benefits, learning and development, accreditations and training. We believe that as you increase the responsibilities of an employee, it’s crucial you reflect development and progression in the role description and earnings. A company that creates a culture of ‘Where People Matter’ will retain staff that are excited to advance their own career and the goals of the business – employees who will also help attract like-minded individuals. This can only be a good thing for the long-term outlook of your company.

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