Migrating to Azure Cloud: Advice, Tips, and Best Practices

Migrating to Azure Cloud: Advice, Tips, and Best Practices


A recap of our recent Trusted Tech Talk on Migrating to Azure Cloud


As part of our partnership with Trusted Tech Talks, our Director of tech and digital, Manny, recently hosted an online webinar with Lawrence Lilley and Richard Stockley to explore best practices, challenges, and solutions for Migrating to Azure Cloud. 

Together they covered:

  • Key considerations for cloud migration to Azure
  • Where to start with cloud migration to Azure
  • End-to-end process for cloud migration to Azure
  • Biggest challenges when migrating to Azure Cloud
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • Most common mistakes with cloud migration and how to avoid them

Lawrence uses his experience at Mutual Vision to inform his presentation. Mutual Vision’s infrastructure was relatively legacy. Given the environment and customer need, they needed to create a SaaS based system sitting in the cloud. As a business they are not regulated but all of their customers are and therefore they are too. They wanted to be in the cloud but wanted it to be controlled. Didn’t want to just pick it up and move it across because it bypasses lots of the technological parts that makes the cloud more efficient. Now, the expectations of customers have changed, and businesses need to fulfil this through a controlled and organised cloud migration

Richard Stockley has worked with the cloud for over 11 years, primarily with Microsoft Azure. His career has mainly been in contract work, so he has supported lots of different organisations with Cloud adoption and Cloud migration. During this time, he has seen lots of different approaches (some successful, some not as successful) and bases his advice on his experience with a variety of different businesses, all of different sizes and sectors. His presentation looks at cloud migration and cloud adoption from three perspectives.


Watch the full webinar below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our Trusted Tech Talks series.


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