Reflecting On A Fantastic Year At Maxwell Bond

‘Where People Matter’ has been our motto since the beginning, but it’s become even more poignant as 2018 has gone on. This year, we’ve hit some amazing milestones. Our team have grown in talent and skill and, as a result, we’ve attracted bigger clients and contracts.

We plan to build on these successes in 2019, so have also put in place further foundations to ensure that our people-focused recruitment techniques are maintained as we grow…

Join us as we highlight a few of the achievements we are most proud of this year and thank those who supported us in our journey so far.

From startup to SME

At the start of 2018, our business was made up of six employees. Since the addition of multiple new clients, we have almost doubled that figure with a final annual staff size of ten! Two additional employees are set to join in January, kicking us off into another year of ambitious plans!

To accommodate the evolving team, we’ve relocated not once but three times this year. We have now finally settled in Manchester Eagle Labs, a space that perfectly captures our dynamic recruitment agency. As recruiters, we understand that ‘great office facilities’ regularly tops the priority list of employees. We believe that our change in scenery reflects the needs of our talented staff as we expand and develop.

Our team have grown with the business too. All staff members have received a promotion and been positioned in roles that better reflect their contribution to our services. ‘Where People Matter’ includes all stakeholders of Maxwell Bond, and our employees are equally deserving of rewards and company support.

Awards & Outreach

One of our proudest moments in 2018 was winning the New Business of the Year award at RDLC’s annual ceremony. It was a fantastic event and we were thrilled to be a part of the occasion. We’d like to offer our congratulations again to all the winners!

Inspired by the celebrations, we invested time and resources in developing and hosting an event of our own. What better way to apply our knowledge of business development and growth to the education of those looking to attract, train and retain the best mid-senior level candidates? Our Trusted Tech Talk was extremely well attended, and saw a host of respected speakers share their insights into working with Generation Z.

As well as connecting with the local business community, we also decided to take a more active role in helping those less fortunate in Manchester. We thought it was high time that Maxwell Bond partnered with an organisation actively working to make a difference: Forever Manchester. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in with fundraising when the New Year rolls around, so watch this space…

Our plan to make 2019 even better

A lesson learned this year was that growth can sometimes destabilise a business if not managed well and cultivated properly. To ensure this doesn’t happen at Maxwell Bond, we’ve built an extensive Recruitment Academy launching in 2019 for all new starters & current team member. Our in-depth academy will encompass five unique routes to deliver effective training: • Peer to Peer Training, Learning and Coaching
• On-the-desk role specific guidance
• Investment in External Trainers from recruitment global recruitment training leaders such as Trevor Pinder & Hannah Keep
• Formal documentation / classroom style training and certifications
• Situational role playing & pitch practicing

These were all chosen for their sustainable approach to skill-building and staff management. As a result, our staff are better prepared to place candidates into roles that are appropriate for them and equally benefit the business.

Looking to reduce costs and source high-quality staff in 2019? Contact our team to start planning your recruitment drive.

Here’s to another year dedicated to development and growth!