As Maxwell Bond celebrates it’s third birthday, our founder Steven Jagger reflects on the company’s journey so far and what we can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

Why did you start Maxwell Bond?

I started Maxwell Bond to help bring about a no-nonsense approach to recruitment that focusses on delivery and a more consultative approach whilst ensuring people are put at the heart of everything we do. Whether that be our own people, candidates, clients or the local community, we wanted to ensure “people matter.”

Are you proud of Maxwell Bond's progress?

I get asked this a lot from friends and ex-colleagues because we have come a long way already. I’m sure some people would have naturally doubted our chance of success, even more so as I’d had my daughter right at the start of setting up and had my son during this period. Considering all of this, I am proud because as of today we’re 15 people strong at our 3rd year anniversary and are a multi £m turnover business. I do though, always think we can do more, so I am proud in a way, but I remember it’s not the punches that knock the champion out it's the pats on the back.

What have been your biggest achievements so far?

One of our biggest achievements has been helping people grow, which is central to Maxwell Bond's values and dedication to putting people first. Helping people is why we do what we do. Anyone who’s worked with us for 6-12 months has received some sort of promotion or growth. Additionally, we are always finding time to give back to the community and our network. Plus, we are proud of hitting a £m turnover figure! Matt Priestly at Barclays Eagle labs made me aware only 4% of businesses ever hit this in a year, so this is a fantastic achievement.

What's next for Maxwell Bond?

We’ve just finalised our 2020 plan. We want to hit 30 staff and have a clearly defined structure in place. This includes a separate division, someone spearheading our London growth alongside someone opening our first international office in Germany, Amsterdam or USA. Now’s the time to join if you have manager/director aspirations!

We also want to host more events and participate in more charity work in 2020.

So overall, it’s been a successful three years for Maxwell Bond, full of growth and development. With 2020 on the horizon, the team are really excited to drive further progress and take Maxwell Bond to the next level.