What does Digital Transformation mean to you?

Digital transformation is used to describe the process of a business using digital technologies to improve and modify existing processes to accommodate changing market and business requirements. However, not all business owners invest the necessary resources into it. Either unfamiliar with what competitors are doing or lacking the skills in-house, these individuals embrace a variety of different technologies - only to fall between two chairs.

This is where the value of a third-party comes in. A recruiter conscious of the market, capable of making expert recommendations and identifying talent adept in implementing that solution.

At Maxwell Bond, we’re committed to modernising client businesses. We live and breathe the tech market, hence why we’re proud to be sponsoring 60 Innovations’ latest event which looks at what digital transformation means for different businesses.

Taking place on Thursday 29th August at Eagle Labs Manchester, the event will be spearheaded by four industry leaders:

• Nigel Collier – CEO and BAFTA award-winner at Skylab
• Kim Morley - Agile Delivery Manager at Footasylum
• Paul Heywood – Delivery at Naimuri
• Alison Peacock – VP Strategic Transformation at Barclays

Each speaker will be exploring their interpretation and approach to digital transformation, establishing common ground through various industries.

What is the role of digital in modern businesses?

Most businesses are aware they need to utilise technology and digital processes to enhance their operations. But how, is a different story. Whether they’re transitioning into online retail or adding automation to their marketing, business owners recognise they need to innovate in order to compete. It’s just a case of identifying who or what prompts that innovation. This is something that the event’s speakers have experienced first-hand.

Skylab’s Nigel Collier will be starting the conversation, discussing the future shape of the digital industry. His work on websites, applications and digital strategy has made him somewhat of a tech world celebrity. As well as his recommendations, attendees can expect to hear Collier’s predictions.

Kim Morley, our second speaker, will be guiding attendees through Footasylum’s digital transition. Specifying how they modernised processes in order to stay competitive, Kim will highlight how retailers can hope to make the online era work best for them.

A digital transformation can have the best people in the world behind it, but if there isn’t a strategy, all attempts are futile. Naimuri’s Paul Heywood, our third speaker, is an expert in intelligence-based digital transformation. His interpretation of a digital transformation aims to highlight ways in which businesses yet to change can use intelligence to educate strategy.

Finally, the event will close with Barclay’s Alison Peacock. Alison will be detailing what Barclays transformation meant for the entire business. Her talk will explicitly explore the impact on the Barclays staff and how they navigated a HR, system and culture maelstrom.

How to handle digital transformation

One of the most difficult factors of digital transformation is creating organisational wide understanding and belief in the process. Everyone involved needs to know what the complete journey is as well as the reasons for it.

Impact on business continuity can’t be understated. For example, if you hire a contractor to revolutionise your site and onboarding processes, it’s imperative your service team are familiar with the new tech before interacting with customers.

If clients are inconvenienced by your transition, you haven’t transitioned effectively. You need to ensure all employees are conscious of the change. This is another topic that will be explored during the event.

Looking to digitalise your business? You won’t want to miss out on this event. Tickets are selling out fast so if you want to attend, all you need to do is email and register your interest.