What’s the ideal split between strategy and activation for a Paid Media Director?

What’s the ideal split between strategy and activation for a Paid Media Director?

A Paid Media Director’s day-to-day role should be split roughly 80% strategy to 20% activation, whilst also acknowledging the importance of staying close to activation, to ensure that the team is always up to date with the latest trends and so that the Director can provide quick support when required. 

Whilst strategic tasks and planning might consume the majority of time, it’s important that a Paid Media Director is able to jump into a more hands-on role with activation (such as paid media campaigns) when that support is required. 

Why the 80:20 Split Works for Digital Leaders

A Paid Media Director’s key objectives are to strategically make decisions that align marketing goals with the overall business vision and mission, whilst motivating and empowering their team members to achieve success. They should inspire their managers to perform well and help foster company loyalty. Although they are detail-oriented and thorough, they should be working, making decisions, and problem solving at the highest level, whilst leaving most day-to-day tasks to their team. Therefore, it makes sense that 80% of a Paid Media Directors time is spent on strategy and strategic decision making. 

To effectively manage their time so that strategy can take precedence, Directors must delegate responsibility and accountability to team members and take a step back to allow them work independently, based on training and coaching that they should have had previously. Not only does this build a culture of trust and responsibility, but it also helps you avoid micromanaging team members who may have their own 

Only roughly 20% of a Paid Media Director’s time should be spent within activation (although they should always be close to it). This gives them the opportunity to engage with their team members, be present, and offer support, without micromanaging them or taking away their opportunity to be creative and autonomous. Within that activation phase where the Director gets closer to the team and can become more hands on, Directors can become a pro-active presence who’s continually encouraging and motivating their team members to promote problem-free, productive solutions, by offering consistent support and coaching to employees to engage and drive them to success.

Hiring Your Next Paid Media Director?

There’s no such thing as just a ‘hands-on’ Director and just a ‘hands-off’ Director. The best Paid Media Directors effectively balance their time between strategy and activation, whilst still leading a motivated, empowered, high performing Marketing team. 

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