Why Developers Can (And Should) Have a DevOps Mindset

Why Developers Can (And Should) Have a DevOps Mindset

DevOps sparked a huge shift from a traditional IT culture where developers develop, and operators operate. Now they are brought together to collaborate on projects that strive for a common goal.DevOps is a culture, a framework, and a set of processes which bring together development teams and operations teams to help create, develop, and improve products more efficiently. Traditionally it has been Operations professionals that have moved towards the DevOps mindset and into the DevOps space, but it is becoming increasingly important that developers start to really integrate themselves and adopt that DevOps mindset. 

In our latest podcast episode, our Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant Lloyd Lowson is joined by Apostolis Apostolidis, Principal Practice Engineer at cinch to discuss the benefits of having a DevOps mindset and why Developers should adopt the DevOps mindset as soon as possible. 

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