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We are always looking for ways to add value to our network and the wider tech community across the UK and Germany, through a variety of resources, blog posts, and events. Find out more below.

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Whether that’s our employees, candidates, clients or giving back to the UK and German tech community - people matter.

We are community builders. We run tech and HR events to share our knowledge, expertise and help professionals and businesses grow, as well as sharing industry knowledge and trends, guidance on best practice, and market leading advice on common challenges. We are here to help you thrive.

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  • Product Leaders North West - Roundtable Series 08 May 2021

    An exlusive roundtable for Product specialists across the North West, to discuss current trends, challenges, and best practices, with the aim to bring market leaders together for networking, collaoration, and knowledge sharing. 

    Contact for more information!

  • UX Leaders North West - Roundtable Series 08 May 2021

    An exclusive roundtable meetup for UX Leaders and professionals across the North West, to discuss the current industry trends, challenges, and best practices.

    Please contact if you have any questions

  • Cloud Leaders 2021 Roundtable Series 08 May 2021

    An exclusive roundtable for Cloud Leaders on prominent topics, challenges, and solutions within the Cloud Technology space. The aim of Cloud Leaders 2021 is to bring together Cloud Leaders to network, share knowledge and drive growth through collaboration in the industry.

    For more information, please contact

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  • Usability and Accessibility in UX

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  • Migrating to Azure Cloud: Advice, Tips, and Best Practices

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  • How to Effectively Migrate to the Cloud: Your Questions Answered

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  • How to Migrate to Azure Cloud: Processes, Best Practices and Solutions with Richard Stockley

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  • Fail Fast, Learn Fast: Embracing Discovery and Chaos in Development

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  • Best Practices for Cloud Migration: Migrating to Azure Cloud with Lawrence Lilley

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  • Cloud Monitoring, Security and CI/CD Tooling

    The best way to monitor, secure, and optimise your cloud network in AWS and Azure.

  • Building & Maturing Greenfield Cyber Functions

    An overview of what the priorities should be for professionals entering a new role or entering a greenfield cyber function.

  • Hiring and Retaining Developers with a True Engineering Mindset

    Hiring and retaining exceptional software developers who have a true passion for engineering and problem solving.

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